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Green Form Design Architects are able to offer the One Stop Shop for Professional Services.

We work closely with well established Planning Consultants, Structural Engineers, CDM Co-ordinators and Surveyors who we can appoint on behalf of our clients. Our one stop approach provides a seamless route from inception to completion.

Our services include the following

Feasibility Studies

Pre Planning Appraisals

Planning Applications

Conservation and Listed Building Consents

Party Wall Agreements

Detail Designs and Production Information

Building Regulations

Specifications and Schedules of Work

Tender Documents

Project Management

Site Inspections


Contract Administration

Interior and Space Planning Design


Certain clients prefer to use our Architect Led Design and Build Service where we are both the Architect and the Builder.

When clients choose our combined architect and build services, we function as a single source of control for the entire process:   we fulfil the role of the designer, project manager and main contractor.

For the client, having the Architect take the lead as overall manager of the project from design to build, gives reassurance that high quality and design standards are maintained throughout the project.

Principal advantages of an Architect Led Design and Build service are:

A single and direct point of communication with the client, reducing problems of multi-party management.

More accurate budgeting and cost control during the early stages.

A shortened design and construction period.

Less chance of litigation or claims because of our   team-based, client-focused approach.

Enhanced design representation due to the   single, continuous flow management though out the design and construction phases.

Superior quality control with the architect as overseer of construction while representing the client’s interest to the maximum.

In summary: total design, technical and construction integration assured.



When providing a 'full architectural service' our fees will usually be a lump sum calculated as a percentage of the final construction/build cost of the work. The percentage depends on the type and complexity of the project and is usually between 12-15%.

We normally charge on a ‘time-spent’ basis for the early stages (up to planning) of a project. Note that the time-based fees will normally be set against the overall percentage fee.

Following this and prior to work commencing on site we will usually switch to the percentage fee which will be based on the most up to date current cost information - as calculated by a quantity surveyor or reputable building company - for the whole project up to completion.

Any expenses incurred are usually added to our fee. 





“The only element of a professional service that can be measured is the time taken to provide it. All the hours in the working day have a price; there is no ‘free’ time“

Architect’s Handbook of Practice Management